Im Scope App Reviews

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Waiting for update

Just got the microscope and the app doesn't work. No ability to zoom or focus so it is non-functional. Will update review when fixed, but not happy.

Not working with Retina & iOS9

If you would like to sell product, you have to update the software to iOS9 & iPad with Retina display. Now it's useless.

Non functional!

When I did get this scope to work it did well. Now getting it to connect to my iPad or iPhone takes 5 minutes! The refresh rate on the app is non existent! I would be embarrassed to say how much I paid for this worthless device!

People these days...

Why the hell are people reviewing an educational app? I mean seriously. This makes no sense


This app wouldn't connect with network even when I set it on the TOP of my router...smells scammish.

I scope will not connect doses not work!



It won't connect me to the router it's no good get another microscope app😶


Don't even bother with this app. Waste of time.


I just downloaded the app thinking it would be a great addition to my ELL classroom. When I launched the app, it says it's searching for a router. I'm connected wirelessly to my home network, yet that doesn't seem to be what the app is looking for. In the description, it doesn't list any external components needed to utilize the advertised features, only showing an iPad, iPhone and the iOS needed. However, in the image provided, there seems to be a camera or something similar on a stand. I'm assuming that is needed to make the iPad into the scope being advertised. However, when I went to the website there is nothing listed for the app, nor equipment listed as needed to make it work. Is there a device that is needed for this? If so where do I find it and how much is it? Why isn't that information included in the app description? As it is, it's completely unusable. I'm extremely disappointed and would not recommend anyone downloading this app until and unless more information is provided.

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